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Bonjour and Welcome!

My name is Agnès Aubert. My first name is pronounced "Ann-yes".
I am a French teacher..

This website is being overhauled but as I am busy teaching, this may take a while. The information here is still valid, however.

I am French. I fell in love with Britain and have been living in Cambridgeshire, UK, for many years.

I have created French for All to share with others my passion for my mother tongue and native culture. I want to allow them to develop their skills in a way that suits their personalities, needs and circumstances.

I have many years experience working in the British education system - with youngsters and adults. Other than French, I have also taught IT and martial arts to children and adults. These days I mainly teach adults.

What happens in the lessons?

Lessons are tailored to my students' needs and goals. Here are some things we do:

  • We talk - practise chatting about what interests you and what would be useful to you.
  • Pronunciation practice - learn how to product sounds like a native speaker.
  • We read - learn how to decipher texts in French and read them out loud - a step in finding your "French voice".
  • We explore listening skills - learn how to decipher spoken French from French for learners to full pace native speakers'.
  • We learn vocabulary and practise it - through exercises and lesson practice.
  • We discover French-speaking cultures - read, listen and discuss what's going on in the francophone world.
  • We demystify grammar and conjugation - discover the best tools say what you mean. It's actually fun and not as hard as people say. No pre-requisite knowledge needed.

My Speciality

My speciality and passion is giving shy and hesitant people (of all ages!) the confidence they need to happily express themselves in French. Click here to hear it from my students.

So if you're in that case and want to gain confidence in speaking French, give me ring and book a lesson.
P.S.: Vouchers for French lessons make a good present!


If you need my help or have any questions, feel free to contact me by telephone: +447981 964640 or by email: (this is not a link because I want to hear from people, not robots, so please copy & paste this address into your email client.

You'll find me online

on Twitter: Follow FrenchForAll on Twitter

on Facebook:

...and on Instagram

I also have a blog on which you can read about French film reviews, learning tips, interesting French sites, etc. Posts are often both in French and in English!

Feel free to suggest interesting French-related websites or articles to share, via any of those media, with me and the rest of the world.

You can contact my using Skype using french-for-all or Zoom using my email address:

French - the language of love, the stuff of presents

If you are looking for a present for a francophone or a francophile who would like to improve/practise their French, stop looking now!
Contact me me to get them a language training voucher.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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