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Hi! I am Agnès (pronounced “Ann-yes”). 

I am a passionate, experienced, native French teacher.

My passion: creating a safe, respectful space where anyone can learn at their own pace, in their own time, to suit their goals and their learning style.

I love my job because I see the spark in my students’ eyes when they understand something new or discover something exciting.

I know learning can feel daunting or uncomfortable at times because I am a learner too. At the moment I am learning: German, mindfulness, drawing, mathematics and coppicing.

As a teacher and learner, I believe in learning from mistakes and celebrating achievements.

Learning – both the easy and the hard parts – should be fun, interesting and relevant. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about ourselves and the world around us.

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What goes on in an online lesson with Agnès

Lessons are usually online – on Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp.


Together we design lessons and practices that suit you, your goals and your lifestyle.


Whoever you are,
whatever your age or experience, you can learn French. 


Just have a go and have fun.


Together we establish what you want to achieve and set appropriate and realistic goals.


We decide on regular practices that suit you, your goals and your lifestyle.


Together we explore the language, sounds and culture of the French-speaking world.


We learn faster when have fun doing it, so be ready to laugh out loud.


1:1 lessons
I charge £28.00/hr to be paid in advance with a minimum of 5 hours paid for at a time.

If you pay for 10+ hours in one go, I give you 1 hour free. In the unlikely event that I should stop teaching, I will refund you any session you have paid for but not yet redeemed.

Groups, corporate lessons or if you want to find out more about Fun French Days Out, please contact me and we can discuss the specifics. 

My students say...

Each student has their own way to learn and benefits from the lessons in different ways. 

Here is what some of them say.

Ms Stacey Rowell
Aim: Speak fluent French when on holiday in France

I have been having French lessons with Agnès (French for All) since 2017 via Skype.


I had never used Skype before this and have found the lessons on it to be excellent.


Agnès and I make use of the instant message feature that works in Skype even whilst in conversation so I can clearly see the spellings of words and accents.


I have also been introduced to the world of Google documents where we can both edit a document online at the same time as having a Skype call.


Agnès is an excellent teacher and my French improves with every lesson.


She is also extremely passionate about languages and being a native French speaker is a great help.

Mr J. P.

Aim: Keep a good level of conversational French

Agnès, I love my hour a week of French conversation.


 You have amazing patience, enthusiasm and teaching ability.

Dr Barry Kingston

Aims: Gain a reasonable level of conversational French to be able to converse with French family and friends, to follow French films and TV, and also be able to read French literature

I have been having French lessons with Agnès since 2018.


I am an older student and found the prospect of lessons somewhat daunting.  However Agnès quickly put me at ease and I thoroughly enjoy my weekly lessons with her.

She is an outstanding and enthusiastic teacher, with a deep understanding and knowledge of French, and a great deal of experience in teaching it.  

She is very supportive and encouraging and one never feels inadequate. 


She readily adapts lessons to encompass any questions or specific interests that I have, and the lessons are informative and productive as well enjoyable.

I wholeheartedly and without any reservations at all, recommend her.

Let's talk

You can also phone me on
(UK) 07981964640


I look forward to hearing from you.
À bientôt !